0060 pc Smiling Dolphin Cardboard Jigsaw
With its mouth open in a happy smile, one adorable sea mammal fills this 60-piece jigsaw with happin..
0060 pc World of Bugs Cardboard Jigsaw
Butterflies and spiders, dragonflies and ladybugs are enjoying this beautiful garden! This extra th..
0100 pc Ballet Recital Cardboard Jigsaw
Against a backdrop of roses, five beautiful ballerinas perform in their recital. This extra thick 10..
0100 pc Circle of Friends Cardboard Jigsaw
With an exciting circular format, this friend-filled puzzle features a bold red heart at its center ..
0100 pc Coral Reef Cardboard Jigsaw
Branching coral in pink, red, green, yellow, orange, and white offer plenty of colorful clues for so..
0100 pc Horse Corral Cardboard Jigsaw
Solve this 100-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle to see a horse and foal peeking over the farm fence! Th..
0100 pc Shark Cardboard Jigsaw
See a sleek shark in its element. Durable and a great value, its fun to assemble this extra thick 1..
0100 pc Sunrise Farm Cardboard Jigsaw
As the sun rises over this bucolic farm, a rooster stands watch on the fencepost and a tractor stand..
0100 pc Wildlife Jubilee Cardboard Jigsaw
A collection of wild animals from around the world comes together in this leafy scene. Piece togethe..
0200 pc Eagle Canyon Railway Cardboard Jigsaw
The thick, durable pieces of this 200-piece puzzle when assembled, feature a steam engine in transit..
0200 pc Fetching Friends Cardboard Jigsaw
The thick, durable pieces of this 200-piece puzzle when assembled, feature some of our best canine c..
0200 pc Kissing Horses Cardboard Jigsaw
S.W.A.K! Charming rural scene features a moment of equine affection. This extra thick 100-piece ca..
0200 pc Living Ocean Cardboard Jigsaw
Dive deep into this 200-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle to discover whales, sharks, and fish of all ki..
0200 pc Prehistoric Waterfall Cardboard Jigsaw
More than a dozen dinos fill this thrilling picture. See the hunters, the hunted, and all the prehis..
0200 pc Safari Adventure Cardboard Jigsaw
Take a front row seat at the watering hole! See the crinkly skin of the African elephant as the lio..
0200 pc Seasons Tree Cardboard Jigsaw
See the whole year in a single tree when you complete this 200-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle! The il..
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