Happy Giddy Bug House
Children will enjoy observing bugs and insects in this eye-popping bug house. It has an easy-access ..
Happy Giddy Cart
This sturdy, generously sized and brightly colored plastic cart has a handle and wheels for loads ..
Happy Giddy Chair
Bold stripes and big bug eyes provide a unique seat when your busy child needs to take a break. With..
Happy Giddy Cultivator
Cultivate more fun in the garden with this durable, child-size metal garden tool. Happy Giddys funny..
Happy Giddy Flip-Up Sunglasses
Watch your child flip when presented with these bug-eyed UV-rated sunglasses. The flip-up lenses add..
Happy Giddy Garden Tool Belt Set
Young gardeners will love using these child-size tools to care for plants, veggies, and all sorts of..
Happy Giddy Hat
Brimming with color, this durable fabric hat will be the cutest one on the beach or in the park. Bri..
Happy Giddy Net
Let Happy Giddy and his big bug eyes will help your child spot moths and butterflies while on the pr..
Happy Giddy Pail
Fill this generously sized pail with water, sand or toys and get ready for dumping, filling and cast..
Happy Giddy Rake
Your child will be waiting for the leaves to fall so that raking fun can begin! Child-size metal rak..
Happy Giddy Shovel
Plant a flower or dig for treasure with this colorful, child-size metal shovel. With a brightly pain..
Happy Giddy Trowel
Gardening just got much happier with this sturdy metal trowel. Brilliant colors and an easy-clean ha..
Happy Giddy Tunnel
Active kids will enjoy crawling through a rainbow of color in this bright tunnel. Made of durable ma..
Jolly Jellyfish Sinkers
Drop these cute sinkers into the pool to kick off diving games, counting activities, races and more!..
Litter of Lizards
Lounging in the sun with these colorful lizards will warm the blood and heat up the imaginations of ..
Louie Lobster Claw Catcher
Squeeze the handle and - SNAP! - Louie Lobster s claws clamp shut. Colorful, easy to use and so much..
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