0030 pc Autumn Quilt Cardboard Jigsaw
A square-shaped quilt pattern in pretty colors features autumn leaves, apples, acorns, mushrooms, an..
0030 pc Barnyard Cardboard Jigsaw
This delightful farm scene features horses running in the field, pigs wallowing in the mud and chick..
0030 pc Curious Kitten Cardboard Jigsaw
In a garden of bright flowers, this orange tabby cat raises a curious head to see: Will all the puzz..
0030 pc Giant Panda Cardboard Jigsaw
Munch-munch-munching on a sprig of bamboo, this panda lounges contentedly against his favorite tree...
0030 pc Golden Retriever Puppy Cardboard Jigsaw
This happy golden retriever puppy is waiting to be assembled. This extra thick 30-piece cardboard j..
0030 pc Mini Monsters Cardboard Jigsaw
See nine adorable monsters take shape as the pieces of this 30-piece jigsaw comes together! Filled w..
0030 pc Playful Pets Cardboard Jigsaw
Popular pets, including bunnies, kittens and cockatiels are featured on this colorful extra thick 30..
0030 pc Precious Puppy Cardboard Jigsaw
With floppy ears and an irresistibly cute puppy face, this sweet cocker spaniel is sure to win your ..
0030 pc Treehouse Friends Cardboard Jigsaw
Piece together this cheerful jigsaw to see a lively treehouseand spot the animal friends peeking fro..
0060 pc Cheeky Chimps Cardboard Jigsaw
These silly chimps have found a hilarious new use for banana peels, and they cant wait to show it of..
0060 pc Dancing Daisies Cardboard Jigsaw
Five bright daisies, all in a row, fill this pretty puzzle with cheer! Piece together their red and ..
0060 pc Flowerpot Kitten Cardboard Jigsaw
The potting shed is filled with terra cotta pots, but one has something special inside: A cute kitte..
0060 pc Land of Dinosaurs Cardboard Jigsaw
With a volcano erupting in the distance, this extra thick 60-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle features ..
0060 pc Mare amp; Foal Cardboard Jigsaw
Assembling this puzzle will put stars in your eyes! A loving mare and her foal both have stars on ..
0060 pc Puppy Pail Cardboard Jigsaw
This tiny puppy has big appeal! Put together the 60 sturdy cardboard pieces to see its furry little ..
0060 pc Red-Eyed Tree Frog Cardboard Jigsaw
With bright orange feet clinging to a green stalk, this wide-eyed amphibian makes a striking centerp..
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